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You always plan to stab me in the back

You wanna see me turn into Saddam’s Iraq

You've been my opponent since 10

But I’ll get up at 3 am to twist your blotchy neck again

You have the whitest dress to cover my blackest soul

You try to eat my veins from an artificial bowl

I’ll cut your fingers and make you hold the salt

It’s not payback - it’s a full-fledged revolt

I've seen the darkest hell

I touched the devil's horns, I heard the goddamn bell

Who are you trying to seduce?

I halt the tempo of your subliminal abuse

I used the pain you brought as protein for building a thicker neck

I turned your hordes of fear into a colossal wreck

You often take the lead before half time

But I grind out an unexpected win in overtime

Your waves of history will break against my very own wall

I’ll reach the Alps - and in my eyes, I’ll never fall

I will recycle you like shit to get my extra fuel

And in the meantime, I’ll kill each part of you in our daily duel

I am invincible, for I’m already dead

I am the weirdest book you have misread

I wasn’t looking for a sense of peace with you - I lied

I’ll make you bleed with your contagious venom in our eternal fight

No more exhausting counterattacks - I’m all in an offensive mode

My dominant display will use your face to wash my winding road

I’ll use your blood as an exquisite marinade for my Flat Iron steak

Your empty head will roll and plastic bones will break

I won't look back at you next time I cry

These are just steps for me to reach my sky

I will rejoice in every single loss

I’ll make them my investment bank with me the only boss

I’ll also crash you for the broken

For the ones that went away unspoken

For those who lived for lies because of you

A slaughterhouse - that’s where I’ll hang you

I know that you’re a ghost that will come back

We know that you’ll attempt to find a crack

You know that I’ll respond via a jaw-bound thwack

I know my consciousness will make you hit the fucking deck

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